Triangles and Circles

Are you a Triangle or a Circle? Ok, pretty abstract I know.


Reality needs to be covered first as both circles and triangles depend on it.

Reality is defined as 'the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them'. Wow, what a definition. No wonder there is huge confusion in society. 'Reality'. Lets take money for example. People think there is nothing more 'real' than money. 'Hard cash'. Money is a concept backed by an agreement. That is all it is. People die for political ideas; those ideas are more real to them than reality. The definition of 'reality' needs redefining.

A Triangle

The triangle in this case is more like a pyramid. At the bottom you have the majority, and at the top, you have the minority.

Each hierarchical gradient above the previous has its own agenda, its own importances and their own reality. Looking from the bottom up, and from higher up, looking down, there are barriers. These barriers are things like attitude, awareness, and reality. For example, the 'mushroom syndrome'; kept in the dark and fed on shit. Take governments, banks, corporations et al, they have your private information, but can we see theirs? Each step above in the echelon has less and less visibility from below. From below we see more of an illusion. We think great stars or monarchy are god like. Well, sorry to disappoint, they are not. I'm not saying some personalities are not gifted, that is not true. Some are gifted, but all are human. Just because of where you are born does not mean you are 'genetically superior'. Yet that is the reality of some. Look at these Etonians. Deluded from birth and brainwashed throughout their lives, poor fellows.

In a triangle, you have a boss. Or you are a boss. There is a divide between your echelon and the ones above and below. A 'trickle down' economy. A bullshit engine.

A Circle

King Arthur had a round table for a reason. All parties were equal. They were however aligned in a common goal; ethics and justice. Moreover they had morality, integrity, and honour. Each of them played the game together. Each of them had strengths. Each of them had weaknesses. Weaknesses that were compensated by the qualities of the other team mates. A cirgle is a team, with a common goal. A circle leads to expansion, and to be honest, something that gets relegated to being 'non-serious' - FUN! How much fun do you have at work? If you are not having any then there is something wrong!


If there is a future, and people can extract themselves from the indoctrination of the triangle life, then the circle will create a new world.