React with Mobx

I never really got into the Redux stuff. At first glance it looked a bit convoluted; I was into other things so didn't get into it. Plus apps I was working on were far from complicated. Overkill to a degree.

I do like a bit of FRP though, and think observables are really cool. This is where Mobx comes in.

Mobx is a simple, scaleable, and streamlined state management tool.

mobx and react-mobx

An Observable is a collection over time. What does that mean? An array or object (primitives can be wrapped) would be the collection, and over time because its properties can mutate on a publish/subscribe/observable/observe basis.

The convention is to use a 'store' for state management. There should be a general app state, a containing state as it were, containing these observable properties.

Mobx stores

Best practice

Mobx tutorials