Publishing an NPM Module on IPFS

I recently published a npm module of mine called wordify on the IPFS network.

First things first, follow the getting started guide. Then run the daemon with ipfs daemon.

For ease, we will install stay-cli globally:

npm install -g stay-cli 

In your repo folder, run stay init. This will update your scripts section of the package.json with a prepublish script and also create a file. Update the prepublish script to run your tests before publishing:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha -R spec ./test/index.js",
    "prepublish": "npm test && ./"

Push to git, bump the npm version with npm version patch and then npm publish.

You will see something like this:

## Publishing dependency  
Published as QmbNJyd2gEXxeyA94N6ovaeyFsQJ145WheR52YycKoBmKv 

To install your module from ipfs, go to (or create) a new app (module, npm init).

Run stay add hsl-to-hex@... with the hash of your module:

stay add hsl-to-hex@QmQgM78xDoZeKkqwkahQc8bjSo8zH5XPya4USUa1t297bH

This creates an esDependencies attribute in your package.json:

"esDependencies": {
  "wordify": "QmbNJyd2gEXxeyA94N6ovaeyFsQJ145WheR52YycKoBmKv"