Mac Keys

Aaaahhh, for yee to cast the magick spell yee have to know the symbols and their meaning, aaaahhh!

Symbols have mass and meaning. Mass, cos they exist in the physical realm. Meaning, because it is a substitute for the real thing, a pointer even.

  • ^ The caret symbol is the 'ctrl' (control) key
  • ⇧ The single arrow up is the shift key
  • ⇪ The arrow up with the line under it is the caps lock key
  • ⌘ The 'cmd' (command) key
  • ⌥ The alt/option key, looks like a fallen over capital 'T' with a shadow, or a bit like a face

Now when you see something like 'enter ⌥⌘^ to cast a spell' it won't be so confusing.