Developer Tools

I have a massive tool. In fact I have lots of them. That just sounds wrong. Anyway, I'm going to list ones I've found handy.

Local CSS Dev

Image placeholders

So we want an image 250px by 250px for testing. There are some cool resources out there. Check out 8 of the top 10 placeholders if you don't like the ones below.


Jshint was good for a while, but now we use eslint.

System design is an awesome system design tool.


If you are doing any front end stuff you really need to know how to use emmet. Checkout this cool Emmet cheat sheet.

Server one-liners

These one liners are essential, runing a python server on one line plus many more.

Cross Browser Testing


Mime types

A complete list of MIME types

UX design tools

UI UX resources


Regex 101

VS Code plugins

Visual studio can do that?